The Delegates of the ESFTUG’s Chokhatauri branch organization conference supported Mrs. Mzia Osepaishvili, an experienced candidate in trade union activity, supported the strategy and strengthening of Chokhatauri branch organization. The reporting-electoral conference of the ESFTUG’s Chokhatauri branch organization was held on October 4, 2018, which was attended by Natia Kordzadze, ESFTUG’s Vice President. She discussed with the conference delegates the processes in the educational system, the results of the ESFTUG in 2014-2018 and future visions were presented in detail by her. Trade union activities have been intensively underway in recent years in order to increase public awareness and trade union activities in Chokhatauri region. At the beginning of 2018, ESFTUG’s president Maia Kobakhidze personally met with the Chokhatauri regional organization's activists and schools’ representatives. She introduced to the audience the ESFTUG’s way from 2010, together discussed urgent and topical issues of the field. It is noteworthy that during the reporting period, the ESFTUG’s Chokhatauri branch organization was planning various activities within the scope of the possibility. There were celebrated days dedicated to the teacher's day; Excursions, corporate evening for the kindergartens staff were co-funded; Trainings for kindergartens' music teachers and cooks were conducted.