"Together for a Better Future" - Inga Zedgenidze has been leading the ESFTUG’s Aspindza branch organization since October 6, 2018. She thanked her colleagues for supporting the unity and organization at the local level. At the reporting-election conference, Inga Zedgenidze introduced the election program to the delegates. Before the conference, with the help of the ESFTUG’s organizational department, we conducted direct meetings with educational institutions in Aspindza municipality. She expressed gratitude for the ESFTUG’s leaders and heads of regional and city organizations throughout the country for their support. Inga Zeetgenidze has been involved in ESFTUG’s big family activities a short time ago, The teachers of Aspindza Public Schools were attended Training Courses for Professional Skills and Lesson Planning. Natia Kordzadze, ESFTUG’s Vice President attended the conference to present the ESFTUG’s report of 2014-2018. She once again urged the leaders of the primary organizations to be more active, the conference was held in the question-answer mode and Inga Zedginidze was elected as head of the ESFTUG’s Aspindza branch organization. ESFTUG supports the new leader, Inga Zedginidze, in trade union activities.