"Strong, effective professional union is the guarantee of labor, social-economic and legal rights for each of us!" – with these words addressed her colleagues on October 5 at the conference Tea Tavadze, candidate of the ESFTUG’s Baghdadi branch organization’s head. Together with the delegates of the ESFTUG’s Baghdati branch organization, ESFTUG’s Vice President Natia Kordzadze, head of ESFTUG’s Vani branch organization Tamar Dzneladze and invited guests attended the conference. While presenting the report, Tea Tavadze thanked the delegates and members of the conference for trust. She emphasized the immediate involvement of ESFTUG’s president Maia Kobakhidze in the Baghdadi region to promote the propaganda of trade union ideas and to assist them in visiting and supporting Bagdati schools. Organizing meetings in educational institutions was intensively undertaken by the staff of the ESFTUG in 2017-18. After Tea Tavadze was imposed coordination of the Baghdati branch organization, she intensely involved Baghdati region teachers in the organizational events. She reacted to the challenge in the pre-school institutions at district level and within the scope of the competence coordinated legal support with the ESFTUG’s central office. In the Baghdadi region, social programs have been implemented in order to encourage members despite the small budget.