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On June 10, 2019, LEPL Khashuri municipality Tkotsi public school students played the roles to revive the country's historical past to the honorable guests at the academic year concluding event.

At the end of the diverse event, the school principal Liana Lomidze asked the ESFTUG president Maia Kobakhidze to evaluate the educational-creative event. 

“I cannot find the right words to express my feelings and joy, you are amazing children! The type of intellect, education, estetics ... what makes any person more and more beautiful.  Exquisite speech, education, talent and esthetics are what makes you especially attractive and beautiful! I was watching you with tears of joy… Thank you for today, for the feelings you made me experience! I would like to thank the principal, Liana Lomidze, for inviting me, the teachers for hard work and the families of the students, for raising wonderful children. The students  impressively presented national traditions, culture, literature and patriotism. This school will always remain in my memory. The result of the school’s work is visible- here the students have different intellect and look!”- the ESFTUG president Maia Kobakhidze could not conceal her emotions.

“the activity of this school is not new to me! I was very proud while bringing my guests here.”- Said Ineza Elisashvili, the chairperson on the ESFTUG Khashuri county organization. She thanked the initiators of the event once again.

“As I was leading the guests, I knew, I would not be disappointed, but what I saw today exceeded all expectations! I see these students in a new way every year. All the thoughts and knowledge from school follow the students through life”-Said Ineza Elisashvili with gratitude.

2018-2019 academic year event

The ESFTUG Khashuri county organization leader stressed the reality and environmental conditions of small contingent school.

“The fact that all the students are so industrious, is an achievement of the school staff, because small contingent schools have little choice…although the hard work of the teachers is obvious. They do all in their power to detect the students talent and skills.  I wish success and appreciation of their work to this united collective!”