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You are growing in a school where Tea Nonikashvili works and this is already a big success!”-Said the ESFTUG President Maia Kobakhidze to Khidistavi public school students.  
On June 5, 2019 Gori municipality Khidistavi public school biology teacher- Tea Nonikashvili organized a conclusive event “Science Picnic” for her project “Become Inventor”.

Khidistavi public school celebrated another success on that day. “Teacher’s National Award 2017” top five nominee, biology teacher Tea Nonikashvili was awarded “the Best Biology Teacher 2019” within the “Best Teacher Competition” of National Center for Teacher Professional Development. 
Maia Kobakhidze once again spoke about the role and importance of each teacher during her speech to the audience. She thanked the students and teachers involved in the successful implementation of the activities of the interesting and deep content defined by the project. The ESFTUG president expressed her gratitude to all the institutions that aim to support teachers, provide technical and material resources for learning and teaching environment in school.

The Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia is very proud of the success of Tea Nonikashvili-a teacher enormously in love with her own profession. For us, a success of each teacher is a success of the whole teaching society and the expression of appreciation and recognition of the teacher's profession. The teachers’ success is exactly what helps and gives us more energy for effective implementation of the objectives of our organization and improve the teacher's image in society. The ESFTUG once again congratulated Tea Nonikashvili, the loyal member of the ESFTUG Gori county organization, a successful professional activity and wishes her even more professional recognition. 

The project “Become Inventor”, the author of which was Tea Nonikashvili, continued for a year with the support of the coalition “Education for All” and Gudavadze-Patarkatsishvili Fund. In the framework of the grant competition for the improvement of pedagogical practice, Tea Nonikashvili founded the basis of popularization of natural sciences in Gori Municipality with the help of Mimosa Gholijashvili, the director of Khidistavi public school and her colleagues. Along from Khidistavi public school, Ateni, Kvakhvreli and Uflistsikhe public schools also, the the students of border schools of Titsi and Nikozi took part in the project during the whole year. The guests invited in the opening section of the event unanimously highlighted the importance of implementing similar activities and projects in the process of teaching and learning and facilitating the strengthening of the harmonious environment.

The participating students presented interesting and fun experiments and the results of the activities of the whole year to the guests of the “Science Picnic.” In the final part of the event, the Director of the Public School of Khidistavi village awarded the winners of the competition "What, where, when" with diplomas and memorable gifts. The final event of the “Science Picnic” was attended by the head of Gori Education Resource Center- Nana Termakozashvili, Deputy Mayor of Gori-Ekaterine Sukhishvili, the ESFTUG Executive Vice-President Mari Alugishvili, the chairperson of the ESFTUG Gori County Organization-Natia Gabroshvili, the representatives of “Teachers’ National Award”, coalition“Educatio for All-Georgia” and neighboring schools.