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On May 25, 2019, second, conclusive conference of the project - “Cooperative Culture Development Empowerment and Professional Development of Public School Mathematics Teachers” was held in Tbilisi. The participants of the conference, held in Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium were project beneficiary mathematics teachers of public schools of the capital, eastern Georgian regions, Sachkhere and Chiatura municipalities.

On the opening part of the conference held in Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium were present: Eka Dafkviashvili, the manager of service decentralization program of the LEPL National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Eka Chikhladze, the coordinatoe of Millennium Challenge Account.

Within the ESFTUG NGO Professional Development Center for Employees in Georgian Educational Institutions, with the funding of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Millennium Challenge Account project “Promoting Cooperative Culture and Professional Development among Public School Mathematics Teachers”, various highly qualified professional and methodological activities were conducted for mathematics teachers. The final part of the five-month project included summery conferences in Kutaisi and Tbilisi with the beneficiary teachers as participants.

The conference was opened by Mariam Mkalavishvili, the head of Professional Development Center for Employees in Georgian Educational Institutions; she invited Maia Kobakhidze, the president of the ESFTUG for a welcoming speech.

In her speech, the ESFTUG President – Maia Kobakhidze stressed the results of the five-year successful activities of the Professional Development Center for Employees in Georgian Educational Institutions. She pointed out that the financial and human resources of the ESFTUG are mainly directed to pre-school and general education institution employees professional development and increasing the quality of learning and teaching.

Maia Kobakhidze thanked the teachers, who are always interested and involved in modern learning and teaching environment and cooperation culture development, an example of which is the current project.

The ESFTUG President talked about the announced complex reform of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, about the feasibility of supporting it.

She reminded the teachers about the prerequisite of the reform, also stressed the radical demands of some experts and organizations towards teachers. Maia Kobakhidze talked in detail about the processes that resulted in the consent of general principles and considering every teachers interest with reality in mind. The messages of the ESFTUG President were interesting and informative for the teachers. At the end of the meeting, she noted that now the transitional stage is beginning, the process of creating law and normative acts, for which the ESFTUG works.

According to the conference program, the participating mathematics teachers presented panel and poster type reports, they also worked in groups.

On May 25, 2019, at the panel session of the conference, speeches were made by:

• Mariam Zakareishvili, Telavi public school №5 presented the theme: “Planning and Conducting a Mathematics Lesson using Innovative Methods”-“Attributes and graph dependence on coefficients"

• Elene Meparishvili, Gori public school №1-“Assessing Student Competence in Mathematics”-“the Effectiveness of Developing Assessment in Teaching Mathematics in 10th grade 

• Diana Alania, Mtskheta municipality, Chardakhi public school“ "Constructive and Differentiated Teaching and Resources for Mathematics"-"Use of differentiation and constructivism to connect mathematics and history."

Poster-type presentations were made by:

Tamar Latsabidze, Khashuri municipality village Kempri public school-“Teachers’Cooperation, Working Groups and Facilitation“ Cooperation Culture Improvement and Professional Development of Teachers at the Workshops.”

Rusudan Bochorishvili, Tbilisi public school №89, theme: “Students’ Competence Assessment in Mathematics”:“ “Students’ Competence Assessment in Mathematics”:“

Nino Marchkhaishvili – Khashuri municipality, Tezeri public school –“Student Competence Assessment in Mathematics”-“Using Modern Technologies for Developer Assessment in Mathematics.” 

Revaz Gamkhvetelashvili, Telavi, Kharajali public school: “Constructvistic and Differentiated Methods and Resources Teaching for Teaching Mathematics”-“Practical works of calculations of geometric shapes created by circle and polygonal in 9th grade mathematics curriculum.” 

Nino Ghughunadze, Gori public school №10: “Constructvistic and Differentiated Methods and Resources Teaching for Teaching Mathematics”-“Differentiated Activity for Preperation for Teaching Exponential Function in 11th Grade.” 

Tinatin Chukhrukidze, Gori public school N4: “Planning and Conducting a Mathematics Lesson Using Innovative Methods”-“the Role of Innovative Methods in Raising Students’ Motivation.”

On the second part of the conference, the participants worked on four topics with the moderators:

Teacher Cooperation, Workshops and Facilitation:

Moderator: Mimoza Tkhebuchava, the director of Telavi public school N89

Constructvistic and Differentiated Methods and Resources Teaching for Teaching Mathematics:

Moderator: Zurab Vakhania

Student Competence Evaluation in Mathematics:

Moderator: Nino Nakhutsrishvili, professor of Telavi University

Planning and Conducting Mathematics Lessons Using Innovative Methods:

Moderator: Elene Meparishvili-Gori public school N1

The aim of the project “Cooperative Culture Development Empowerment and Professional Development of Public School Mathematics Teachers” is cooperation culture empowerment and professional development among elementary-middle level mathematics teachers.

Professional Development Center for Employees in Georgian Educational Institutions and experts held 344 workshops with public schools across the country. A total of 1402 mathematics teachers participated in these workshops.

One of the main purposes of this project is development of facilitation skills among teachers. The working groups chose facilitators from the project participants, 118 facilitators in total. They continued facilitating the groups after the first workshop of the consultants. In the frame of the project, they held at least two workshops and the third one independently.

The ESFTUG wishes luck to Mariam Mkalavishvili, the head of the Professional Development Center for Employees in Georgian Educational Institutions in the work of professional growth of the employees of education institutions.