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Tradition continues!
It has been two years since Rustavi County Organization of the ESFTUG is organizing meetings with the members whose professional holiday is not celebrated in the country. These are: kindergarten and public school stewards, janitors, nurses, caretakers’ assistants, guards, cooks and cooks’ assistants. The ESFTUG Rustavi County Organization thanks the technical personnel for their work and reward them with their diplomas and symbolic gifts.

A similar meeting was held on April 11, 2019, in the public school N28, where trade union municipal organizations once again thanked 70 professionals for their unselfish work, awarded them with certificates of appreciation and modest gifts.

The ESFTUG Rustavi County Organization leader thanks the Mayor of the city Mr. Irakli Tabaghua and his spouse Mrs. Maia Dalakishvili for continuous support and commitment, for the deep knowledge and engagement, for the unconditional support of the novelty. As for technical workers, she wishes to appreciate their well-being and labor.

The ESFTUG welcomes the iniciative of Ms. Leila Gorgadze to set up "The Day of Technical Personnel" throughout the country.