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32 SKOLA The board of Tbilisi Public school N:32, Teachers and students welcomed the representatives of Stenhus Gymnasium of Denmark with Georgian and Danish flags in school alley and national songs preformed by Georgian students. Mr. Stanislaw Cheinuch, Director of the US International Labour ,,Solidarity Center", participated in the event at the public school N:32 . Maia Kobakhidze, the ESFTUG  President visited Tbilisi public school #32 along with the Danish guests. “This is the school where I took my first steps as a teacher.I worked for 12 years together with high-quality and motivated teachers oriented on high standards of learning. The high professionalism and motivation of my colleagues, the boundless affection towards the studentsmade me love the teaching profession and raised my sense of responsibility towards teachers. My success is a merit of each of my colleagues. My dear friends, I want to thank you for your warm hospitality and for your hard work, you are exemplary for the public of our country"- Said Maia Kobakhidze. She also talked about the objectives and tasks of the ESFTUG with the students.“A teacher can conduct the teaching process more efficiently if he/she works in a stress free environment where his/her rights are protected”- noted Maia Kobakhidze to students as she explained the importance of the trade union in their upbringing. With the supervision of Nino Kashia, the principal of Tbilisi Public School #32 every representative of the school was involved in organizing and conducting the event.Nino Kashia welcomed the audience and thanked the Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia for implementing interesting projects. She talked about the successful work of the school, which has been confirmed by the annual results of the pupils. Nino Kashia proudly informed the guests about another victory of the schoolchildrenwinning the cognitive-entertaining competition "Bookshelf" and awarded symbolic gifts to the winners. Taking into account the objectives of the Danish delegation program, interesting and warm dialogue between the students and teachers of two countries was held with the acquaintance of Georgian traditions, history and customs. They shared their views about school environment and the student oriented teaching. Public School #32 representatives presented a number of interesting projects to the guests, talked about the importance and pressing issues of the educational field and the prospects of close cooperation with Danish Gymnasium were planned. In order to get familiar with the learning and teaching environment of the school, Danish guests attended the lesson of the English language teacher Natia Gatikashvili. The guests emphasized the activity of the students during the lesson. They highly appreciated the knowledge of foreign language in studentsteacher’s qualifications and methodology. The program was filled with love and Georgian hospitality. Students of Public School #32 presented their creations and performed Georgian folk songs. The program was completed with a popular English song and classical melodies played on the violin. Since 2017, Denmark's trade union of Higher Level Teaching Professionals has been implementing a project of support in Georgia. One of its tasks has been to promote co-operation between Georgia and Danish schools, to draw closer the students and to develop youth in the public schools of Georgia. Nana Ghonghadze and Lia Chkhaidze, two teachers of the Public School # 32 participated in the abovementioned project.