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 "The key to the success of the education reform is qualified, protected, motivated teacher with high social status" - said Svetlana Surguladze, the head of ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization. Reporting-election conference of the ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization was held In Tbilisi Public School # 11 and it was chaired by Lela Chubinidze, teacher of Russian Language and Literature from Tbilisi public school N12. The 77 delegates elected from the ESFTUG’s primary organizations in Nadzaladevi Educational Institutions took part in the conference. ESFTUG’s president Maia Kobakhidze, vice-president Natia Kordzadze, head of ESFTUG’s Isani branch organization Ketevan Kheteshashvili, ESFTUG’s office manager Lali Gogichaishvili, public schools’ and kindergartens’ principals were attending the conference of ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization. Svetlana Surguladze, the head of the ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization summarized the four-year activities implemented in the regional organization. "The activities of ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization are based on democratic principles, relationships based on collegial and mutual respect, protection of members' interests and fulfillment of their requirements” – said Svetlana Surguladze. The rapporteur stressed the cornerstone of the development of the organization is the enhancement of professional work, raising awareness of employees, attracting and attaching members, activating primary organizations and making their functions more efficient. During the report, the speaker talked about the use of administrative resources by the "yellow trade union" in 2013 and spreading misinformation about the support of the ruling party, which created some difficulties and led to the confusion of teachers in the process of restoration of the regional organization. "Yellow Trade Union" used the name of Tamar Kordzaia, a majoritarian MP of Nadzaladevi district and they had elected as a coordinator activist of the party "Georgian Dream". With the initiative of ESFTUG’s president Maia Kobakhidze and head of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation Irakli Petriashvili, Svetlana Surguladze organized the event dedicated to International Women's Day, which was attended by principals and teachers of Public Schools of Nadzaladevi District. Tamar Kordzaia, MP from the coalition “Georgian Dream”, was invited at the event. Tamar Kordzaia stated that members of the group acting on behalf of the new trade union, have no grounds to talk about Tamar Kordzaia's support, they act without the agreement with the parliamentary deputy and without her authorization. The head of the ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization noted that, based on artificial barriers, the primary organizations have begun restoration in preschool institutions only since 2014. Because of the Nadzaladevi branch organization’s leader’s experience and expertise, primary organizations are created in 38 educational institutions of Nadzaladevi district and 866 members are unified for the 2018 reporting-election conference. Head of Nadzaladevi branch organization presented mechanisms of the work of the ESFTUG’s local council to the delegates of the conference. She noted that the Action Plan and Budget project are being worked out at the local council meetings, taking into consideration the requirements and initiatives laid down by the members of the branch organization, discussions are being conducted with the leaders of primary organizations about the employees’ labor, social, economic, legal and professional interests. Head of Nadzaladevi branch organization expressed gratitude towards the Nadzaladevi District N11 and N:112 Public Schools Administration for the hosting 1131 people during the reporting period. The rapporteur noted that during the reporting period, trainings and seminars were conducted for the purpose of facilitating professional development of ESFTUG's Nadzaladevi district members with subjective, thematic and professional modules, also, in active and intensive mode were conducted trainings for kindergartens’ employees to support their professional growth. In order to protect the socio-economic rights of the members, in case of severe family conditions and health problems the Nadzaladevi branch organization granted material support to the members and the sum - 4490 GEL was allocated from the budget. Together with summer relaxation programs for ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization’s members, as a tradition has been established conducting diverse events dedicated to the women and mother days, International Day of Teachers, cultural-mass events - invitations to performances in theater and congratulating children's international day to members’ kids. More than 850 children attended the Christmas Tree Festival. In 2017, in March and December, a three-day excursion was organized for the members in Kobuleti and Batumi. During the reporting period, the primary organizations of 22 public schools and 8 kindergartens received funding for the excursion from Nadzaladevi branch organization’s budget. The head of ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization was particularly emphasized the role of primary organizations. She wished success to the newly elected leaders in 13 primary organizations and hoped that their activity and energy would contribute to strengthening the branch organization. The speaker pointed out the disapproval of the work of Board of Trustees and Disciplinary Committees. She spoke about the training of member teachers of Board of Trustees and Disciplinary Committees in order to better understand their functions and obligations. ESFTUG’s President Maia Kobakhidze presented the 4-year work of the organization to the conference delegates and invited guests, after which the discussion was held and critical notes and proposals were discussed. The delegates of the conference thanked Svetlana Surguladze for care and implemented work. They voted for Svetlana Surguladze continuing the term of office by the end of December and unanimously supported her. At the end of the conference, 39 members of the local council of ESFTUG’s Nadzaladevi branch organization were nominated, the delegates of the conference elected six delegates of the ESFTUG’s IX reporting-election congress. At the end of the conference, 23 leaders of the primary organizations and principals of the public schools and kindergartens were awarded with ESFTUG’s diplomas. ,